Stormville Airport : Stories : Capt. Scott B Kaley

In the summer of 1984, I flew as a student pilot out of DXR. I regularly practiced at N69 and recall they had a snack bar on the field that had GREAT prices and really decent food. I earned my PPL [Private Pilot Certificate] that summer with the legendary DPE [Designated Pilot Examiner] Ray Noble. I still remember some lessons to this day from Ray that I still tell...

I returned in the summer of 1986 flying with Claude Chanclue and Montaigne Mallet when the French Connection Airshow team had their flight school out of Dutchess County. I was the very first graduate of their "basic aerobatic safety' course, which was an introduction to competition aerobatics. We used N69 [Stormville Airport] as our "box" for practice hops.

I have fond memories of my experiences at Stormville.

Capt. Scott B Kaley
BE-1900, DC-9, EMB-145, EMB-170/190