Stormville Airport : Stories : Carole Wyland

Carole Keeler Wyland wrote to us with these photos of her husband sky diving at Stormville. Says Carole,

"Photo of jumper landing is my ex-husband, Tom Rosmilso, who passed away in December 2015. These pictures were in a box of old photos we went through at his home in NC yesterday. Feel Free to share them on the Stormville69 website. He is also in the other photos, identified only by his jumpsuit. I love the one over Green Haven Prison."

Thank you for these pictures, Carole.

Jumpers over Green Haven
Jumpers over Green HavenCorole Wyland
Tom exiting the airplane
Tom exiting the airplaneCarole Wyland
Forming a group
Forming a groupCarole Wyland
Tom landing
Tom landingCarole Wyland