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Steve Kozloski came across the web site and shared this photo. Steve writes,

This is a poster that Willy Sweet gave me around 1978 when I was in my early teens and was passing through the Stormville area with my parents on a family vacation. I wasn't quite old enough to make my first parachute jump but I still drove them crazy for years demanding that they stop by every drop zone that we passed.

Whenever we stopped at a drop zone I'd use the money that I saved to but a souvenir of the visit. As I recall, the drop zone wasn't large enough to have anything for sale but Willy spent some time with me and ended up offering up this poster that hung outside his office to remember this stop.

It's a little worn from its early days but I still held on to it and wanted to share it. I ended up making my first parachute jump shortly after my 16th birthday. Willy was one of the most friendly operators I ever met.

Stormville Sky Diving Poster, about 1978
Stormville Sky Diving Poster, about 1978Steve Kozloski