Stormville Airport : Stories : Pete O'Brien

Pete O'Brien has left this world and passed into the world of many fond memories. According to this obituary from the Poughkeepsie Journal, Pete died on February 16, 2012. Born October 8, 1909, Pete lived for 102 years. During his life, and with his wife Rose, he built and operated the Stormville Airport. The Journal obit' says that he and Rose were married 43 years when she died in 1988.

Pete's local aviation contemporaries and peers included Johnny Miller and Cole Palen. Johnny Miller was a local pilot, and in his later years one of the world's oldest pilots, whose career spanned nearly the entire history of aviation from the time of Glenn Curtis and the Wrights. Cole Palen was an airplane restorer and founder of the Old Rhinebeck aerodrome. Cole and Pete's restoration of the world's first monoplane, the Bleriot, made it's maiden flight at Stormville and remains on display at Old Rhinebeck.

Johnny Miller died in 2008 at the age of 102. Cole Palen died in 1993 having lived nearly 68 years. Pete was among the last living aviation pioneers. He joins the men and women of aviation who have made their final flight, off into the sunset, gone West with the best.

We wish you great flying, Pete, classic airplanes, and a classy place to fly them. Thanks to you and Rose for the hay days of Stormville Airport. You created many a memory. You inspired many a pilot.

Pete with the Spirit of Stormville
Pete with the Spirit of StormvilleGil Halpin
Pete with Cole Palen at Old Rhinebeck
Pete with Cole Palen at Old RhinebeckGil Halpin