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We heard from Marty Tommer about the Stormville Sport Parachute Center, a sky diving school that operated at Stormville from 1959 to 1984. I asked him if there was any connection with the Ranch sky diving club now operating at Gardner. Marty writes,

"I worked at the Parachute Center as an instructor from 1973 to 1984. Not true about The Ranch People having an operation at Stormville. Bill Richards (who runs the operation at the Ranch) learned to jump at Stormville. Then he and a group of people moved over to Gardner (then Called Ferd's Place), formed a club and bought the place. They have a great operation over there.

"The Parachute center at Stormville was owned by Willy Sweet, USPA License number D-448. A real old timer in the sport."

Stormville was base for some of the parachute enthusiasts who made jumps onto and from the tops of the World Trade Center buildings in the late seventies.

Marty has shared on YouTube about two and one half hours of video he made at the Stormville Parachute Center. Simply watch his channel, sskydiver. Some of it is very entertaining. You can get a feel for the kind of fun had at the place. Marty suggests this clip, part 8.

The clips posted by Marty include some news coverage of the World Trade Center capers. They also document the way the school operated. Sky diving instruction was different then than it is now. Now you make tandem dives. Then you made solo dives while someone on the ground coached you on the radio.

Willy and Sandy Sweet
Willy and Sandy SweetMarty Tommer
Marty and his son around 1980
Marty and his son around 1980Marty Tommer