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Ian Scott-Ramsay writes from Scotland about learning to fly at Stormville:

Nice to see someone else cares about Stormville Airport of days gone by! I was there from September - December '86.

My uncle, Gordon Scott-Ramsay, from Tomkins Cove, NY, had his aeroplane tied down there: Pa-22-150 Tri Pacer N2474A

I was keen to become an airline pilot or to join the British Air Force as a pilot so I came across from my home in Scotland and learned to fly at Stormville in 74A.

Looking at my logbook, my first flight was Sept 8th with my instructor (a Swedish guy) Peter Svenning, first solo Sept 29th after 5.8 hours in a school aeroplane C-152 N6598B.

My uncle actually towed his Camper van up to the airport and parked it beside the hanger - I lived in it mon-fri all the time there. Once signed off solo I flew when I liked and the weather was good and studied for the written test when the rain moved in. I toot my PPL test on Dec 12th with an American Eagle ATR Captain, R. Albright and passed.

Long time after that (1990) I returned to the States and to more flying training at Southeastern Flight Academy in Macon GA. Stayed there for 2 years gaining my ATP license.

Stormville from 30,000 feet
Stormville from 30,000 feetIan Scott-Ramsay

After returning to Scotland, I eventually got a job with a commuter airline - LOGANAIR - where I became a Captain 12 months after joining. I now fly Boeing 767 around the world for a British company called My Travel Airways. We've just merged with Thomas Cook airlines. I get to Orlando Sanford a lot through work and still enjoy the American culture......but still miss N69 !! I have lots of photos of Stormville in a box somewhere but will need to scan them in. One picture I can attach is from last summer flying my 767 from Glasgow (EGPF) to Orlando (KSFB) we flew right over N69 and I saw it again-- the first time in many years.!!

Best Regards -Ian Scott-Ramsay

The pilot of this Boeing 767 learned to fly at Stormville
The pilot of this Boeing 767 learned to fly at Stormville